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  1. Cost?

    Spring soccer is be $50 for first player and $40 for every player thereafter. Fall is $80 for first player, $70 for second and $60 for every player thereafter.  Cost is subject to change depending on the cost of expenses from year to year.

  2. When do games start and What days are games played on?

    Spring soccer will typically be a 3 day weekend in mid May and Fall season typically runs from end of August to end of October lasting 8-9 weeks. Game days are typically on Saturday but on rare occasions these may vary depending on coach’s schedules and weather.

  3. When are practices?

    Practices typically start a couple of weeks before games start and are held throughout the week depending on coach’s schedules.

  4. What does “U” in 7U-19U mean?

     “U” stands for “under”. All players in that age division must be that age or under by January 1st following the end of our Fall season.

  5. Age limits?

    Minimum 3ys old by January following the end of our Fall season and maximum under 20yrs old by January following the end of our Fall season regardless if the player is still in high school or not..

  6. How many practices?

    This will vary depending on coaches but typically U4-U6 practice once a week and U8 and up practice twice a week.

  7. Equipment needed?

    All players need Soccer cleats (not baseball or football) the difference is soccer does not allow cleats that have spikes toward the end of the toe for safety reasons. Also players need shin guards and a ball. Ball sizes are 3, 4, and 5, depending on age division. See Ball size question for more info.

  8. What do players need to bring to practice?

    Cleats, shin guards, ball and a water bottle.

  9. Ball sizes?

    7U and below size 3, 10U size 4 and 13U-19U size 5.

  10. Can I wear a cast (or earrings, religious medals, eyeglasses)?

    The FIFA Laws of the Game prohibit anything which is dangerous to a player or other players. Referees determine if an item can be worn without being dangerous. Eyeglasses are typically not a problem but we do recommend sport glasses. Earrings are usually not allowed unless taped.

  11. Where are practices located?

    All practices are to be held at the soccer complex in Linton but on rare occasions practices may be held at another location.

  12. Do Board members or coaches get paid?

    Absolutely not, we are a volunteer ran organization. The only paid people in the organization are the referees.

  13. What can I do to help?

    We are always looking for volunteers for many duties from admin, fundraising, field maintenance, ordering, organizing and many other duties that need done in order to keep this organization available to the youth of our community. If interested in helping out please email from the link on the home page.

  14. Why Cant I see Team Central information such as teams, schedules, roster etc?                                                                           For safety reasons we have set the settings to only populate after you login with a username and password. Just login as you did during registration and click on home.

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